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Professional Service Production


 Our reach extends from our base in the thriving city of Barcelona, across the varied landscapes of Spain. We have a proven track record of working in Madrid, Mallorca, The Pyrenees, the deserts of Almeria in the South and the dramatic landscapes of the Canary Islands.


Filming in a foreign country in an unfamiliar language can be a frustrating experience . Our job is to take the foreignness out of the production and to make sure that your project is managed to give you the confidence and the space to concentrate on the Creative and your clients.


Our network of  location finders allows us to tap into the most up to date locations across Spain. Our extensive database means that we can put together a world class English speaking crew tailored to the needs of any shoot.

Spain has long been favoured as a location for film makers from all over the world and has excellent crew familiar with working to the high standards required by international productions. Barcelona is especially well provided for with high quality equipment rental houses, casting directors, production designers, stylists and technicians.

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